November 26, 2016

How To Remove Ads From Android Apps & Games Using Lucky Patcher

I am not in any way writing an article related to hacking but rather to increase the use aandroid platform and downloads of android apps. Many apps and games are now been published by developers and are been finally published to PlayStore for better downloads. But the problem is that people do place ads on their app and games. I am not saying app monetization isn't good but people now place ads on their app to the extent that the ads cover pages or pops up when an android user is playing a particular game(s) (with ads) or using a particular app in haste. These is very frustrating and can make Android user delete that particular app or game and might make them decide never never ro download any app again if he or she sees "Contains Ads" while trying to download apps. Worry no more guys.

Tired of boring ads Tired of on your apps? Now it is possible to remove ads from any apps and games that you want! All you need a small tool for Android named Lucky patcher . Its
very easy to use the app. But remember you must root your Android device to remove ads from apps.

How To? 

Step 1 ==> Download Lucky Patcher and launch it. Then wait whilewhile your apps automatically show on lucky patcher's home page.

Step 2 ==> Now click the app you want to remove ads and you will see a menu with different options. Now select the “Open menu of patches” to continue.

Step 3 ==> Now you will see another menu. Press the “Remove Google Ads”  to continue.

Step 4 ==> On the next menu you will see two options. Just click on the
Patch to Remove Google Ads”  button.

Step 5 ==> On that menu you will find many options to remove ads. All you need to do is that pressing on the “Apply” button. You can also scroll down to back up the app with ads for better restoration.

Step 6 ==> Now wait for a while to patch the app. After patching successfully, you will see a result with
successful message.

Now ads have been deleted/removed from app, go and start enjoying your app anyhow without any ads disturbances.

Note : Please don't just decide to remove ads from android app. Ads on android apps gives people more motivation to create more app that will be of benefit to android users and might benefit them as the owner as well via app monetization. 

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