November 19, 2016

How To Setup Google Admob And Other Ad Networks Ad Units (Banner And Interstitial) In Your App Via Developer Monetize Or Ad Section

Hi guys i am back again will my monetization and making money tips. Here i will be discussing how to set up your Admob ad unit in your app via app dev(r "Ads" or "Monetize" section. App Developer is referred to as the website where you created an android app with or without monetization. My question is that have you created an android app but you haven't monetize them because you don't know how to?

Alright let me start again, do you want to create an app for monetization rrad below.

  • How To Create Your App (Android/IOS)

To create your own android app, read here ==> Top 5+ app building platforms and create your own app for a blog or other events carefully using any sites mentioned in the article. I will recommend you to use Androidcreator or Appsgeyer, better still use Andromo. For your ios you wan use Androidcreator.

Now that you have created your android app, read below to monetize your app for free. You can also publish your app to PlayStore.

  • How To Monetize Your App Using Google Admob 

Now that you have created your app own app, why don't you monetize it using admob. Admob is a top ad network developed by Google for monetizing apps for free. Admob is very easy to monetize app but they pay very low but have too much advertiser which will increase your earnings. 

To monetize your app using admob, create your Admob account here and also how to create ad units (Banner and interstitial). 

  • How To Setup Google Admob Ad Units (Banner and interstitial) Into Your App

Now that you have created your app  using any platform and also created an admob account and it ad units (banner and interstitial) for monetization, here is how to put those ad units in to your app you want to monetize. 

To put the created admob ad units (banner and interstitial), 
==> Log on the o the site where you created your app. Then log in your account. 
==> Now Navigate to the "Monetize" or "Ads" section of your app platform or developer's site or web Url. 
Note : Some app building site call ut Monetize and some Use "Ads"(Section) any of the two is where to set up your Admob ads. 

==> Then you choose "Google Admob" for the ad network you want to use to monetize your app.
Note : In most app building website you may not choose ad network but rather be given direct box to fill with your Admob ad. Like below e.g androidcreator. 

==> Then two box will be provided. First one for "Admob banner ad unit id" and the second for "Admob interstitial ad unit id". Fill those boxes carefully with their required ad units then tap "Save" and re-download your app and see Admob ads displaying on it. 

  • Conclusion 

Now i have made app creating and monetization easy, you can now read other post related to monetization and ad network. Also you will start to earn more money with your app without restrictions. You can also use other Adnetworks to monetize your app (Facebook Audience Network is very good also).

FreeTimeShow : Time to talk - tell me the kind of app you illustrating using the name  and tell you the platform used to create it. That all guys 


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