November 06, 2016

How To Share Blog Post Automatically To Social Media Using

Connecting your blog post automatically to social medias means a lot of things. Auto posting your blog post to social media increases Blog traffic and blog visitors. Auto posting to social medias are now way in which prof bloggers in nigeria are driving massive traffic to their blog.

Posting to social medias automatically will save your precious time so you can face other things after posting on your blog. Aside from this, it keeps your social medias up to date with updates from your blogs and you get traffic to the blog in return.

Therefore, to connect your blog and start posting to it automatically to social medias, you can make use of

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How To Share Blog Post Automatically To Social Media Using

Sign up and Sign in to
On the "Automate" tab, click on "Add Route"

Enter your blog URL or Feed URL in the box aandyour feeds will be auto found button.

Once a feed is detected, click on the "+" icon, then click "Continue". It has already found your feed then choose "Share Immediately" in Post Item and choose "Post when a new item is published" in first post. 

Next is to add the Social network you want to be posting to. Click "Next Conncect Social", Select a social network e.g "Facebook"(icon). Then log in your facebook details and select where you want the post to go to automatically. E.g choose facebook page.

Follow the steps till you connect to your Facebook group. Configure other settings as desired.

When next you publish a new post or article on your blog, it will be posted to your Facebook Group automatically.

Does this helps, drop your comments below about this and sgare yiur reviews.
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  1. Thanks for the information. But my account keeps saying no new item found. How do I go about this pls.


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