November 06, 2016

How To Share Links In Other Blog Post Comments

Commenting on a blog post is very vital amongst blog readers. But not all blog posts recieves comments and that does not mean that the blog doesn't have visitors nor followwers. When someone comments on a blogger's blog, the blogger feels untop of the word because all he feels is that his post are real! YEAH i mean real posts.  Therefore all bloggers commenting on a blog do drop their website url but nowadays, some bloggers drop links anyhow in other blog post as comments and which will later end up as Spam Comment(s).

So click Here to learn how to drop comments on any blog post especially ours. And also read below to learn how to drop links or urls in a blog post.

How To Leave A Link In A Blogger

To leave a link or redirecting url in a blog comment box, Enter the following HTML code into the comment box:
Change "" to
whatever website or url you want to link to then change "horlartechgist" to whatever text you want to display as the link title.

You can also "preview" the comment before publishing so as to see if you have made any mistake while writing the comment. Then after that click the "publish" button to publish your comment for people to see. 

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