December 01, 2016

How To Share Your Psiphon and Tweakware Browsing Experience With Pc and Android Devices (TetherNet, Df Tethering Fix and Df Tethering Fix)

For those who are enjoying and blazing our latest free browsing tweaks via psiphon, tweakware and other vpns, and you want to share them but it went avail. Tethering your hotspot with other devices (android & pc) while enjoying a free browsing via any vpn is the wrong way to share your browsing experience with others because it won't work at all.

Incase you don't know, VPN connections are meant to be private network because it help to hide your
identity online and it even help in bypassing ISP firewall but sharing this kind of connection to PC or other friends/device seems impossible because it won't work. But don't panic, i am here to fix the issue because sharing is caring 

Therefore, I have made 3 availabe different apps which you can use to Tether your VPN connections with your PC & other device when you. With these apps, you can share your Vpn browsing experience with other devicedevices via Hotspot and Usb. Just read below to get it done. 

How To Share Your Psiphon,Tweakware Or Other VPN Browsings To PC Or Other Devices

1. TetherNet : 

TetherNet is the bbest app inused to share my psiphon and Tweakware browsing experience  with other devices.  The app aids you to your VPN connection such as Psiphon, OpenVpn, Tweakware, Netloop or other VPN you blaze it. TetherNet works on rooted device. That is a root phone that is enjoying free browsing with any Vpn. 

How TetherNet Works

  • Download TetherNet HERE or search it on Google PlayStore
  • Don't forget to go and connect your vpn and make sure it it connected and working on your phone first then Open TetheredNet
  • Thereafter, Enable hotspot on your Android device and make sure that your PC wireless is connected to your Hotspot
  • Now, Open your TetherNet app and click on Share Vpn Connection. Here, any device connected to it start browsing. 

2. DF Tethering Fix : 

Another App to connect your Vpn browsing experience with other devices is DF Tethering Fix. Just as it name indicates, it helps you fix issue of tethering your vpn app browsing experience with other device. You must get your phone rooted before using this app too. 

How DF Tethering Fix Works.

  • Download DF Tethering Fix HERE app on your android device.
  • Open and Connect your Vpn Apps (Psiphon, Tweakware etc)
  • Turn on Hotspot on your Android smartphone.
  • Finally, launch the Df Tetheringfix and Click on Fix Tethering and wail a while until Tethering Mixed disaplay
  • Now you can now enjoy your browsing experience with other device. 

3. PdaNet : 

PdaNet+ is another porpular most used that helps fix issue to VPN connection. You can use PdaNet+ on both rooted and non rooted phone that is why is very popular and been used widely by android users whose phone aren't rooted. PdaNet+ helps you tether Vpn browsing experience using Usb or Hotspot. 

How PdaNet Works 

  • Download and Extract PdaNET+ HERE  for android, PdaNET+ for PC and FoxFi Key
  • Then Unzip and open the Zip file you download above and Install FoxFi Key on your phone to crack PdaNet+
  • Now Install PdaNET+ for android device on your phone, launch the PdaNET+ on your phone and Activate Usb Tether
  • Make sure you enable have USB debugging (Go to Settings >> Developers tools and enable Usb debugging) . Now install PdaNET+ for PC on your PC

  • Then connect your android phone via USB cable to your PC but Make sure your Vpn app are already connected on your mobile device.
  • Now open the PdaNET+ on your Pc click Connect Internet, Yoir connection will be verified and authenticated. Now when it will show connected yoi can now browse with your pc. 

If you are someone who likes to share (Your browsing experience) "Animashahun" Using any of those app - This will now help you to share your browsing experience with other device without encountering any problem at all. 

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