November 07, 2016

How To Shorten Url Using Google Url Shortner (

Most people do have urls that cannot be pasted because it is too long. Also, do you have url that is too long and you want to shorten it,hmm google has many platforms which i cannot count. Therefore url Shortner is among google's platforms where you can shorten your any url. And also, when you url is being shortened, you will know how many times it is been clicked when you go to the main menu of Google Url Shortner. Read below to shorten your long url(s) using google url shortner.

How To  Shorten Any Url Using Google Url Shortner

To shorten your url, using google url Shortner ;
Step 1 ==> Go to
Step 2 ==> Paste the url you want to shorten in the rectangular box that says "Your original url here"

Step 3 ==> after pasting the original url in the rectangular box provided, click "SHORTEN URL" button and wait for 5 seconds.

Step 4 ==> A page will pop up containing your "Shortened url" (e.x the previewed page. So click the shortened url and it will copy automatically if you are using android and for PC, type CTRL + A to select the url and CTRL + C to copy it and press "DONE" after copying the shortened url.

That all about shortening url using google url shortner. So i think this will help you shorten your long url (don't care how long it is).

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