November 07, 2016

How To Style Yor Alexa Ranking Widget For Blogger And Wordpress

Like i said in my last post about how to add alexa rank widget to blogger and wordpress, i explained that Alexa ranking is well known as a traffic rank position for a list of blogs or websites as published by Alexa. I also said that alexa website is owned by Amazon and offers itself as an information company that offers blogs / website real info(s) and their personal analytics.

How To Style Alexa Rank Widget 

There are many style of alexa rank widget which are but tge once i noticed exists are just 3 un numbers :

  • Small Square : These are the once most bloggers or webmasters use for their site. So here you will use small letter "a"
  • Vertical rectangle - Very scarce amongst blogger So here you will use small letter "b"
  • Horizontal rectangle - Very scarce also. But used by 20% bloggers. That is what i am even using right now. So here you will use small letter "c". 
Therefore, to style your alexa rank for any of the above shapes, read below : 

Replace any of below alphabets with what you see ("a") before the "?url" then defines the style you want to use.

a = small square : see snapshot below

b = vertical rectangle : See snapshot below

c = horizontal rectangle : See snapshot below 

With this your site traffic rank or traffic rank and links in will be displayed in your blog or website in any type of sttle you want.

Then you are done. Is this helpful, share your view about this using the comment section. 

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