November 20, 2016

How To Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools

This article will help you if you just started blogging carrier or has been in the game since and don't know how search engines works. This article is all about submitting blogger blog Sitemap to google web master tool for better search engine results. Sitemap helps you make all your blog post available at search engines. Meaning, ymif you want your blog to be crawleb y google, you should know about "Google Search Console" (Popularly know as Google Webmaster Tool).

  • What Is Google Search Console ?

Google Search Console also known as Google webmaster tools is a free tool offered by Google which helps new or existing blogger display their blog or blog posts in Google search results (index or crawl your website).

Google webmaster tools, these tools also helps you to improve the crawling rate of your blog. Before this you need to verify your website or blog in google console to confirm that you really own the blog. Then after this is Sitemap but you need to understand what Sitemap means and later know how it works.

  • What Is a Sitemap? 

According to google who made us know about Sitemap, A sitemap is a file you create for web crawlers, such as l Googlebot, that gives them a list of web pages to crawl on your site. Although most web crawlers can explore and discover all the files on your site, a sitemap helps the crawler and can also provide metadata, such as how often the information on the page changes (suggesting how often it should be crawled), and details about content that is difficult for a search engine to  parse, such as video or image file descriptions. You can view, add, and test sitemaps using the Sitemaps report in Search Console.

  • How To Submit Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools ? 

Step 1 ==> Use the browser you are using to blog to log on to Google webmaster account. As for new blogger, you need to just sign up with your blogger gmail, and if an existing blogger log in.

Step 2 ==> For new blogger, here you need to add your website in the page that opens next after signing in. Here, click "ADD PROPERTY", Input your site url (e.x or and click "ADD"

Step 3 ==> Now your site has been added. For new blogger you can continue here. Click the " link. Now it takes you to the google your Google webmaster dashboard where you set up your blog or website Sitemap.

Step 4 ==> Click the drop down option which says "Crawl" >> Click "Sitemap". Your Sitemap page will open where you are gonna submit your Sitemap to Google. Click "ADD/TEST SITEMAP". A small page will pop up with your blog URL plus a rectangular box. In the rectangular box, just input ==> sitemap.xml. Don't understand, view below snapshot.

Then click "SUBMIT" and click "Refresh this page".

That's it. You are done with submitting the sitemap for blog posts. Then wait till all your pages and blog posts get indexed by google.

  • How To The Sitemap Page To Your Blogger Blog ?

A Sitemap "Page" is a page containing html files and when published it woll display all blogger blog post. This Sitemap Html is embedded With Thumbnails and Date to Blogger Blog posts. So to add Sitemap page to your blogger blog click here and get it done.

  • Conclusion 

Sitemap!!! is a very powerful things in the life of a blog. Therefore we should submit our Sitemap to google; not only google, we can submit them to other search engines webmaster tools and you must add a Sitemap page to your blog so that visitorvisitors would navigate through them easily to get what they want. 

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