December 01, 2016

How To Take ScreenShots On Toshiba Pc Without Using ThirdParty Apps

Toshiba is a company that produces good and long lasting PCs. Toshiba pc is a kind of pc that takes snapshots anyhow without the use of ThirdParty apps like screenhunter. We all love to take screenshots on our device (Android, IOS, Desktop) but only android possesses the best way to take screenshots on any of it phone while other device (IOS and Desktop/Pc) are very complex to take screenshot. Are you using an IOS device, read how to take screenshot on IOS. IOS is still even easy but Pc is the only device whose screenshot taking is very complex even with the use of ThirdParty apps (Screenhunter).

How To Take Screenshot OnOn Toshiba Pc? 

To take screenshots on toshiba pc without using any third party app, you need to have installed Paint on your pc which is very important to Pc. Download Paint from Google or might be on your pc. Don't use Microsoft paint, use the normal one then follow below guide with detailed images to learn how screen shot on pc.

  • Refresh your pc and fo to the place where you want to screenshot on your pc. See what i want to screenshot below

  • Then click FN + END  button on your screenshot toshiba pc just as we use Power button + Reduce Volume button to tske snapshots on android. Immediately your screenshot has been taken silently, you will not know but if you are doing that for the first time, a small notification will pop up on your pc screem at the right buttons of the pc screen 

  • Now, launch your Paint app and paste the image into paint by Clicking CTRL + V button on your pc keyboard. Immediately your screenshotted  image will be pasted in paint. 

  • Next is to save the image. To save your snapshot as image, Click File >> Save As >> Choose your suitable Image format 

  • Choose any suitable nane for your image and click Save

  • Now your snapshot has been saved as an image with a preferred name by you. 

Now you have taken screenshot on your pc, why those who are using ThirdParty apps to take screenshot on their toshiba pc should use this wowful method. 

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