November 16, 2016

How To Use Airtel 2G Network Plan on 3G Network Via Finch VPN

Few months ago airtel launched their cheapest data plan or N200 for 2GB valid for 14 days and N500 valid for 28 days which is described to only work on 2G networks. Many tricks were used to make these 2g network plans work on 3g network. These tricks worked but i think airtel discovered their loophole. Hmm! The secret has been leaked on how to use the old airtel 2g plan on 3g via finch vpn. This trick is blazing very fast and i am sure this will last so we have to try act fast before airtel discovers their loophole and later in the day get this trick blocked.

How To Subscribe To Airtel 2G Plans
You need to subscribe to airtel 2g plan before using it on finch vpn. There to subscribe to the airtel 2g plan, dial *482#. Choose any that will suite your taste.

  • N200 for 2GB valid for 14days 
  • N500 for 4GB valid for 24days 

Step To Use Airtel 2G Network Planon 3G Network Via  Finch VPN

Step 1 ==> Download Finch Vpn for your android device Here. Install and launch it.

Step 2 ==> Tap the 3 horizontal lines at the top left bar of your finch vpn app and click "Log in". If you don't have an account with finch, you cam register or create.

Step 3 ==> Click "Settings" and configure as below :

  • Tick Local Port Binding
  • Choose Local Port Number 
  • Replace 1194  and put 49201

Step 4 ==> Navigate back to main page and click click "UDP". Select 80. Select "Free Server" as location.

Step 5 ==> Finally Click "Connect", now smile at your finch vpn app disaplaying high stats. Then start flexing.

#Happy Browsing! 
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