November 14, 2016

How To Write HTMLs Text Codes In Blogger's Blog Post Without Disappearing

I won't stop saying this " Blogger is no more news one of the best blogging platform worldwide which is being used by milllons fo webmaster all over the world. But there are many things to learn after creating a blog that is why i have a blog label titled Blogging Tips where you can find all blogging tips available. 

There are lots of things to learn while creating a blog post and one of them is how to write "Html Text Code(s)" in blogger blog post without disappearing after post is being published. Writing an html text code in blog post without disappearing was the only major problem i faced while blogging which i later in the day discovered how to fix it. 

It so annoying when you write an html text code in your blog post and later when you switch to "HTML" or "Publish" your post, the html will disappear"😔. Are you a blogger (blogger) encountering this problem, i am here to solve the issue for you. Read below to fix html text code disappearing in blogger blog posts. 

How To Write HTMLs Text Codes In Blogger's Blog Post Without Disappearing 

To write html text codes in blogger blog post without disappearing, follow below steps. 

Step 1 ==> Log on to your blogger dashboard and click "New Post

Step 2 ==> At the right side of page where you are going to write your blog post, Click "Post Settings" and options will drop down

Step 3 ==> From the options settings dropped down, click "Options" and configure it like below snapshot where i chose "Show HTML Literally" Under the "compose mode" option. 

From here, when you choose"Show HTML Literally", the html code you wrote in blog post will disaplay literary rather than interpreting it self when it is still in "Interpreted Typed HTML"

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