November 22, 2016

Jumia Black Friday : Buy A Phone, Get Free Sims And 3GB Of Data (MTN Sponsored)

Jumia black Friday is still going on. This is a gret offer offer from MTN Nigeria after the release of their 4g lte and it data plan and also their awuf free 5GB reward after upgrading to their 4g lte. Now yet to see another offer from MTN  sponsored by jumia.

This offer talked about buying a new phone from jumia sponsored by MTN and you get free sim card and 3gb free data offer. The most suprising is that this free 3gb is from mtn double data bonus. Which means immediately after you purchase a new phone from jumia sponsored by MTN, you will be given free MTN sim and oppurtunity to subscribe to MTN monthly data of 1.5GB for N1000 and you will be given free 1.5GB again making 3GB total

How Do I buy Phone From Jumia? 
You don't just purchase a phone from jumia you need to search for below before buying the phone :

  • If sponsored by MTN 
  • From a genuine source like affiliate banner ads, and many more but these two are major. 
Therefore to purchase a sponsored phone from jumia, Click Here and choose any MTN sponsored smartphone to purchase and you will get below offers :
  • Free MTN Sim Card(s)
  • Free 3gb of data 
  • 4G LTE Services 
I will implore you to buy a 4g lte sim for better enjoyments. So drop your review below about thos offer from mtn i think they are using this medium to get more customers/subscribers/users to their service via awuf offers. 

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