November 17, 2016

Latest Glo 0.0K 30GB Unlimited Free Browsing Via Tweakware

Hi Guys, i am here to inform you that glo 0.0k unlimited free browsing via tweakware hss increased to 30GB. Hmm! I think you guys are missing glo 0.0k free browsing via Tweakware because most people would hsve abandon due to their network coverage. Naturally, we all know that Glo network is slow when it comes to browsing but we all have to endure it because nothing good comes easy. The only thing we enjoy in glo is their data; aa their nick indicates "Grand Masters Of Data" Glo is undoubtfully one of the network provider who offers large for cheaper price to it customers/users.

Not only glo 0.0k is the available browsing tips; etisalat 0.0k browsing via syphon shield is available. MTN 0.0k browsing via psiphon is also blazing. Glo 0.0k via uc handler is not excluded

Me Noticing that the hacked and Tweakware 3.7 is now blazing for glo 0.0k free unlimited browsing is very lucky of me. I just decided to bring up a working cheat for you guys.

Glo 0.0K 30GB Unlimited Free Browsing Via Tweakware

  • Step 1 ==> Make sure you sms PAYU to 127 on your glo sim. Then Download Latest Hacked and Cracked Tweakware 3.7. Install and launch it.
  • Step 2 ==> Click Settings 
  • Step 3 ==> Bundled Settings
  • Step 4 ==> Then Tick the use "Bundled Settings" for you to choose or select a bundled setting
  • Step 5 ==> Choose "(NG GLO) 0.0#"
  • Step 6 ==> Now go back to tge main menu and choose any of the "Free severs" and Hit "Connect"
Wait for seconds while it connects then start flexing your tweakware till it last at least am sure yoi will use gigabytes and not megabytes.

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