November 05, 2016

MTN Life Plus : Send Free Unlimited Sms On Your MTN Sim

Wow! It's nice to see a good day with you guys again. Npw the latest updates continues. MTN Life Plus is a tariff plan that gives free sms credits. That is enables you send unlimited sms for free. MTN Life Plus is one of a tariff plan in MTN which ia not that popular like MTN Pulse, Trutalk, betatalk etc...

Not all of us love free sms but atimes, it helps. All MTN tarrif plans has it benefits. Just like the betatalk, it gives you 100% recharge bonus unlike the MTN Life Plus that give you free sms unlimitedly. So read below to activate free sms on your MTN sim card.

How To Send Unlimited Sms On MTN 

To send unlimited sms on your MTN sim card, you need to :

  • Migrate To MTN Life Plus 
  • Then You Are Fully Ready To Enjoy Free Sms 
Therefore, to migrate to MTN Life Plus on your mtn sim, go to phone and dial *460*6# and you will receive a welcome message from MTN. Therefore, you are now ready to free unlimited sms with your sim without limits. 

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