December 01, 2016

Never Shorten Your Blog/Site URLs : Reasons Will Suprise You - Checkout!

This article is a guest post written by Gift Amadi of Giftechs for top nigeria blog Technaij.Com . This article is will tell us reasons whuwhy we shouldn't shorten our blog/site urls when we find out that it too long and don't want to exhibit/portray spam while sharing the shortened url. This means we should shorten our url on url shortening sites. Most reasons why we shorten url are :

  • Making Url/Links Short : Url Shortner make your url to be as short as anything short. 
  • To avoid spam : It helps to avoid spam in the sense that when your link is too long while sharing to social media platforms, it would lead to spam messages o that is why most of us shorten urls. 
  • Most for fun : Most of us shorten url for fun just to check how many people will click the Url/Link. 

URL shorteners sites  provide a useful, simple, way of sharing links, but you should not use them again because it exposes your most personal information. 

Researches were carried out by professional webmaster and it was later discovered that millions of (as a url shortener site) generated short URLs are actually, randomly generated to allow them to access the content behind them secretly. Beware! 

Below are some hazards that could be
incurred using url shorteners. 

  • Short URLs are able to access millions driving routes and hundreds of thousands of private documents. In particular, the links related to Google Maps data and documents stored on Microsoft's OneDrive.
  • It would be theoretically possi malware and malicious documents to OneDrive folders, which would then automatically synced to a user's computer.
  • The flaw in short URL consequences on the security of cloud services. 
  • URL shorteners are mostly used by scammers to shorten adverts for the purpose of inflating costs on their advertisers using unsuspecting visitors as bait. 
  • Hackers can hack any of these url Shortner sites and also take advantage of shorteners to gain access to one’s system and log files. 
What most of don't observe is that we are driving massive traffic to all these fake url shortner sites. I as a tech blogger will recommend you to start using Google Url Shortner because Google it self is safe. Save your self today from Online Scam or Hack. 

Happy New Month Guys. 

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