November 17, 2016

New Scam Alert! Beware Of Fake WhatsApp Video Call URL - See Some

Last month, whatsapp commenced the roll out it video calling feature as it roll out and was Official and Working good just yesterday. But since then there have been some fake url links which are being posted on all social media (whatsapp especially) for activating whatsapp calling feature by some internet scammers.

How Does It Works?

The scam works in a way that the scam message is being currently posted around on WhatsApp that totally deceives users on how to activate Whatsapp video call feature on their phone. you click the Whatsapp video calling activation link e.g it will take you to the Scammer website where you will be prompted to invite friends before activating video calling feature of your whatsapp and later referring to you to another sponsored link. 

The scam appears real especially for non-suspecting people as you will be shown a fake progress bar like below snapshot that claims to enable the video calling feature on your WhatsApp. 

Please do not fall for Scammer nowadays. They use latest tech suprise to scam nowadays 

How To Get A Real Whatsapp Video Calling Feature? 

No long story just update your whatsapp in PlayStore to enjoy new features of whatsapp. 

Stay Tuned for more and be #SCAMFREE

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