November 18, 2016

Tech Suprise : Checkout! The Amazing 360 Rotating Flexible Selfie

This is a tech wonder/suprise. As long t name indicates, this 360 Rotating flexible selfie rotates in a 360moves. Flexible selfie is a gadget just like selfie stick which is connected with phones to snap pictures with front cameras onky and also take videos. This is s really suprising as it can perform many more functions. This gadget is alo refer to as "Lazy". 360 Rotating Flexible Lazy Selfie.

Features Of 360 Rotating Flexible  Selfie.

1.Makes Phones Stay Steady :
It make phone stay fit when connected to the gadget to make it stay focused while creating a video with the same connected phone.

2. Rotates To Any Degree
It enables you to rotate to any degree that will be suitable for you and your phone.

3. It far better than the porpular  selfie stick used by Android and IOS users

4. It's movable and Purchase price is less.

Where to buy these gadget?
You cam get this gadget from Aliexpress and also ebay store. 360 rotating flexible selfie is not yet available on jumia and konga.

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