November 15, 2016

Things To Do Before Signing Up For Google AdSense With Your Blog/Website To Get Account Approved Quickly In Future [Non-Hosted]

Just like i do say whenever i write any article related to AdSense; i do say Google AdSense is one of the top ad network in the world that enables publishers implement and disaplay ads on either their blog or website contents or videos using YouTube monetization. Meaning, as a blogger you can earn with your blog by disaplaying google ads om them and when it being clicked or impressed.

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But nowadays it very hard to get AdSense Account Approved that is why i am writing this article for you to know what or things to do before signing up for AdSense for your blog so as to get that same AdSense account approved in future without been stressed.

If you just created a new blog and you want to get an Adsense for your Blog Monetization, you don't just sign up like that because you won't get approved. You need to do or fix somethings on your blog (new or old) before signing up for AdSense. Read below.....

Things To Do Before Signing Up For AdSense With Your Blog To Get Fast Account Approval Later. 

Things to do before signing up for Google AdSense with your blog/website to get account approved quickly In future are :

1. Getting A Top Level Domain For Your Blog : Top level custom domain is very useful in the life of a blog. Without a top paid custom domain, your blog is not complete rather it is better for you to use continue using hosted domain like or rather than using free domains (.tk, .ml, .ga and .cf). I onced used free domains but noticed it bad then i switched back to my before getting .com domain. What i am trying to say here is that you need to get a top level domain like .com, .net or .org for your blog to get fast AdSense approval. If you don't have enough to get a custom domain, Click here to get .com domain at $0.99

2. Seo Optimize Your Blog : This is also another thing to do for you to get fast AdSense Approval. After getting a custom domain, you need to seo optimize that's make your blog posts show in search engines evem though ut not in first search at least first search page. Therefore to make google crawl your post you can read fresh tip to mske google crawl your site or better still use google search for better understanding. Also you can add your blog sitemap to google for better search engine result.

Google crawled this post in 30 seconds 

3. Write Real Content, Avoid Spam Or Plagiarism :  This is the most important thing you need to do after creating a new blog and if you want to sign up doe AdSense. You need to write real posts / contents, avoid spam or plagiarism because google recognizes duplicate contents. Meaning if your blog posts are copied or full of spams or plagiarised, you need to delete or draft of them before signing for AdSense.

Delete copied/duplicate/plagiarised  contents 

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4. Blog Or Website Pages : You need to create pages like a about us, contact us and privacy policy for your website to get AdSense approval. Therefore learn how to create privacy policy page for your blog or website and how to create contact us page and as for about us, all you need to do is just create a static page in blogger and title it "About Us" and write about your blog in the world content section.

Essential blog pagee 

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5. Drive Massive Traffic To Your Blog : Hmm! This is not important but necessary. You need to drive massive traffic to your blog to get AdSense approved. This is not important like i said earlier but it necessary. There are many ways to drive massive traffic to your blog which you can read here on how to increase your blog traffic.....

My traffic stats 

You can also add your blog Sitemap to google webmaster tool so as to get all your blog posts and pages indexed.

My indexed Sitemap by google 

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That's all. Less i forget, in the Write Real Content  aspect, write at least 20 post with at least 1000 word before publishing the post. All these can help you get your AdSense account approved. 

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