November 19, 2016

Things You Should Do Before Selling Your Android Phone/Device

Do you want to sell your android phone at a reasonable price for you to get another phone, Don't just sell your android phone like that. If yes or truely you want to see your android phone, there are things to do before selling so that you will get Reasonable  payment for the android phone, High customer service and other essential things. You should save all clean data on your android phone snd other essential things before selling your android phone.

Therefore don't just make decisions of selling android quick, do below :

  • Back Up All Essential Personal Data

Backing up all data on your android phone is the first thing you should do before selling your phone totally. There are many ways to copy all your phone data. You copy all your android data to your Pc (Personal Computer) using a working USB Cable. Another way to backup your data is making use of google cloud services like dropbox, one drive and Google+. 

Another way to backup your android data is making use of "Google Drive Account" by going to Settings >> Accounts >> Google. Then choose the data you want to sync. 

  • Factory Data Reset (Erase All Data on Phone)

After backing up all essential data, you need to delete them from the android phone. Which means you have to restore "Factory Setting". To dodo so go to Settings >> Backup / Reset >> Factory data reset  

  • Remove/Unmount Removable Sd Card (External memory card) 

Remove external Memory Card carefully after using it to backup your data and also format all files in your internal sd card. That is the inbuilt memory space that comes with your android phone.

  • Make Phone Neat 

This is very important in the price aspect. The way you present your phone to the buyer seeing it rough and old will reduce the selling price. Sp make sure your phone is neat, ensure it has no scratch(s) or scar(s). I will implore you to use just a drop of mentholated spirit and a small foam to clean the back side and of possible change the case to confuse the buyer.

  • Conclusion 

Putting all these tips into consideration make your phone standout while selling it. You can even sell it to some sponsored companies that buy anything pertaining to gadgets and appliances. Most do buy broken screen phones. Apply all this tips then see yourself happy to sell the phone. 

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