November 18, 2016

Top 5 Ad Network For App Monetization That Pays App Owners

Android is now the most used platform Worldwide. Every day people create apps and publish them into google playstore consisting of more than 500K apps and most app may get up to 1Billion downloads. Most ad network wordwide has now made blogger and app owners become enriched. 

Monetizing your app is another simple way someone can startt earning. After creating your android app, the next thing is for you to place ads on them and start making money and also publish them to google playstore. As an app owner, you don't just monetize your app anyhow you must first of all looking fo a better ad network that will pay higher for monetizing your app then you move ahead that is why i am here to tell you top 5 Adnetworks you use to monetize your app. 

Top 5 Ad Network For App Monetization


Appnext is the best ad network i will say pays app owners. I prefer using appnext rather than using other ad networks for monetizing apps. Appnext uses PPC and CPC to pay app owners who desire to monetize their app using appnext. At least, appnext pays 3$ per click which is very good. Appnext need top app brands know you and bid directly for your audience, then Add direct CPI-based campaigns to meet
business needs, exceed user experience
and drive business results. 

You can sign up for appnext at and start making cool money with your app. 


Admob is an Adnetworks by Google is for app monetization. Google Admob is another ad network that pays apps owner but google Admob pays low on apps. Google also owns AdSense which is used to monetize online content. 

It very funny that all the earnings that google is suppose to pay on Apps Monetization, they have used it for Online content Monetization. That is one of the reasons why google pays low on apps. Why i love admob is that they have too many advertisers. Therefore you can sign up for admob and start earning with your app. 


Facebook audience network is an ad network by facebook  which helps in app monetization. Facebook pays higher by showing live ads in your app. Facebook ads work because they’re personal, relevant and easy to measure on both desktop and mobile. The Audience Network brings these same powerful features to additional app-based mobile experiences, giving marketers even more scale for their
Facebook campaigns. 

Ads in the Facebook Audience Network are designed to help publishers meet
business objectives. To help deliver the best ads possible, the Audience Network delivers ads in three creative formats: 
  • Banner
  • Intestial
  • Native  

Therefore you can start earning cool money via facebook audience network by signing up here


I bet you search engines are turning millions of people into millionaires with their ad networks. Flurry is an ad network by popular Yahoo search engine that helps you earn money money by monetizing apps.

You can sign up here or here  and start earning large with flurry by yahoo.


Mopub is a mobile driving avenue ad network that is also best for monetizing apps. According to MoPub, it is a hosted ad serving solution built specifically for mobile publishers .

Mopub helps you grow your mobile advertising business with powerful ad
management, optimization and reporting capabilities, and earn
revenue by connecting to the world' s largest mobile ad exchange.

MoPub Native Ads, Uplike had access to an unexpected amount of demand that not only did they hit their revenue goal of $2.00 CPM, they also continued to grow ad revenue by 30% month over month. Read more 


Al these ad networks for app Monetization are good in all aspects and some are not fair in some aspects which reasons will make you understand. Therefore, have you created an android app for your blog or other events , now you can monetize it using any of above ad networks 

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