November 17, 2016

Top 5+ Ad Networks In Nigeria That Pays Blogger/Site Owners - 2016

Are you Nigerian or West African blogger or site owner and you want to monetize your blog but you don't want to use Adsense because you are 80% sure you will get disapproved, worry no more because they are ads networks in Nigeria that pays cool cash to blogger and site owners. You can use these ad networks if you just created a new blog or a blog that is 4days old but has not been ranked at all. You can use these ad networks to monetize your blog so that you will start earning immediately you create a new blog and get new domain (Be it free or paid).

These ad networks are not only for Nigerians but west Africa at large. Even bloggers in usa, uk china, indian and ither countries can use these ad networks as far as they have Banks in Nigeria or any west African countries (Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia and serria leone).  

Top 5 Ad Networks In Nigeria That Pays Blogger/Site Owners 


Adquet (Publishers Home) is a Nigerian Top Ad Networks that pays blogger. Adquet operates with "PPC", "CPC" snd Intestia. At least they pay #7 per click and highest click might be #100 depends on type of ads. Adquet is the Nigeria ad network that has the highest advertisers and pubishers using them. 

More About Adquet 

Immediately you sign up for Adquet, you can acess your dashboard. Therefore to startstart earning, you need to add your website url. Adquet accepts any url be it an hosted domain like your site or free and paid domain. When you add your website to adquet, it takes 24hrs to get approved and once approved you will be able to create ad units and paste on your site. To know if Adquet has approved yoir website, a just check your status, if it writing pending you will wait and if active you are approved and to know if your website or blog is disapproved, your site will be deleted by Adquet from the add site page. 

Adquet pays minimum of N3000 directly into your Nigerian bank account. But one problem about Adquet is that they behave like google Adsense. Once you click your ads, you Adquet is gone forever. So you can join Adquet at snd sign up as "Pubisher" or "Advertisers and Publishers"


NG advert (Pay per click & Contextual Ad Network) as it indicates is also a (NG) Nigeria ad network that pays blogger / site owners. NG advert works just like Adquet. They pay like Adquet but they don't have much publishers.
They pay per click and usinf CPCs which make your eanrins increase. 

NG advert is the only Nigeria ad network that offer free cash just to become an advertiser for you to advertise any product and once yoir free advertisers cash exhausts, you will start to pay for adverts. 

More About NG Adverts 

Immediately you sign up for NG advert  wow you start earning cool cash. You don't have to add your website or blog all you do is just sign up, then create ad units and place them on your blog and start earning. Ng adverts also disable you account if they notice any spam click on any live ad or AdS. 

Ng adverts pays minimum of 3000 naira also to publishers directly to their nigeriabank account. So you can join NG Adverts at snd sign up as publisher. 

3. DOCHASE :  

Dochase is also a Nigeria ad network that pays blogger and site owners but they pay low to bloggers but they have many advertisers also. Dochase is far different from Adquet and Ng advert in design aspect and ads aspect. Actually i once used Dochase but i quit when i saw the way adquet and ng advert works and pays. 

I don't have much to say about Dochase because they delay in showing earnings after ads in been clicked. Dochase is also strict in handling ads they deactivate your account once notice any spam click on your live ads. They pay high on Cpc only which are unnecessary to bloggers or site owners.  Therefore you can start your life with Dochase at


Nairapp ( Nigerian online & mobile advertising network) is a top ad network i love so much. They tell everything about how they pay once you join their publisher's service. Nairapp app pays higher per click but don't have enough advertisers even as they collect as low as N500 daily per ads. 

Nairapp makes you earn more money when you referral users to their service using your referal links. Meaning you will earn 85% of money paid or spent by advertisers yourm refer, and 13% of money earned by publisher you refer. 

They way nairapp pays is very funny. The type of banner ad determine they amount they pay per click. Checkout below snapshot. 

In above snapshot you can see that the highest paid ad units are the banner ads 468x60 and the Mobile Text ad. Lol very funny and can only redraw minimum of N3000 from nairapp. Therefore join nairapp using my referal link ==>


Alternativeadvert (Online Advertisement In Nigeria) as it name indicates is an alternative ad network that pays just like nairapp. They work just like nairapp just as Adquet works same way with ng adverts. The only difference between alternative adverts and is the amount they pay when you refer. That's, you will earn 3% of money paid or spent by advertisers yourm refer, and 5% of money earned by publisher you refer.

 Isn't this bad read more below. 

Note : Out of all the top 5 ad network, only Adquet requires our website or blog url. Other are just sign in an make your money. 

Other Adnetworks in Nigeria Includes


In conclusion i will advise you to start using these sd networks of you know tgat google Adsense is not yet making sense on your blog for now. You will notice i use the top 2 ad networks to monetize my blog because they pay me nearly to google Adsense. I also have accounts and cool cash on other ad network but i love the top two which pays me. So join now and be glad later. 


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