December 12, 2016

3 Main Ways To Check Your Alexa Rank

Alexa ranking is well known as a traffic rank position for a list of blogs or websites as published by Alexa. The website is owned by Amazon and offers itself as an information company that offers blogs / website real information and their personal analytics. Alexa's work is to rank blog or website according to it traffic stats and page views per day or week. Alexa also ranks you according to your visitors and where they come from.

Do you also know that a higher Alexa ranking is lucrative for advertisers and webmasters to take your website and blog seriously. So why not take that opportunity to show the alexa ranking widget directly on your website by increasing traffic and blog ranks in particular country.

3 Main Ways To Check Your Alexa Rank ?

Method 1 :
This is the first and main way to check your alexa rank which is by visiting alexa website it self for site infos. Which is Therefore, to check it, go to e.g

Thereafter, scroll down, here you can view your alexa rank live.

Method 2 : 
Second way to check your alexa rank is making use of a alexa rank tool made by searchenginegenie. So go to, scroll down a little and input your url. You can also put as many url you want to check it alexa rank.

Now click "Submit". After 3 second the page will reload and your alexa ranks is ready.

Method 3 : 
Third way of checking your alexa rank is by adding alexa widget to your blog. Then when you view your blog, you can see it directly from your blog or site without visiting any site. So click here to add alexa widget to your blog.

Do you know that you can also style your alexa rank widget to your choice? read it here.

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