December 13, 2016

5 Essential Things To Do After Installing Telegram Messenger On Your Phone

Telegram is a new messenger app just like whatsapp. Telegram i will say stole all whatspp features and just embedded some little bread crumbs of them into it. Telegram is now mostly used now because, the app is flexible and easy to use and also people joined telegram to earn money(btc). The main stuff is that after installing telegram Messenger on your phone, there are somethings you need to so before using it fully. These things are very essential. Mainly this things will just help you to

  • Secure your Telegram Messenger App
  • Reduce Data Usage & Speed Loading. 

5 Essential Things To Do After Installing Telegram Messenger? 

1. Choose "No Media" when using mobile data

This is a telegram feature that helps you download all media immediately after being sent by friends. These will surely drain your data so why don't you disable it. To do this, launch your telegram go to "Settings" and scroll down to the "Automatic Media Download". Here, untick all options under "when using mobile data". You can leave "when using wifi" idle in a situation whereby you are using a free wifi.

2. Stop AutoPlay GIFs

This is another feature you should stop or disable after installing telegram messenger on your phone. This feature is already enabled immediately you install and launch your telegram. These feature helps you play Gif files automatically after been sent from telegram group or personal chat. It main aim is to drain data. Therefore, to stop this, go to "Settings", scroll down to the "Automatic Media Download" section, then you will see and can disabled AutoPlay Gif.

3. Set PassCode : 

This is a telegram feature that helps you lock your Telegram Messenger app it self and chats also.  You must make use of these feature to help you keep your Telegram Messenger from reach of those you are hiding things from. Therefore to set your passcode, go toto "Settings" >> Privacy and Security. Scroll to the security section and click "Passcode". Now enable the PassCode Lock, input your required passcode twice. It has been enabled.

Immediately a lock icon will br available in your whatsapp chat at the top. You can click it to lock your telegram. Note : If you forget this passcode, you can't recover it again, all you need to donis reinstall your telegram, all data (Chats and medias) will be gone.

4. Activate Two-Step Verification : 

Telegram Two-Step verification helps you account to be secured and safe from hackers. This feature is one that requires you to set up additional password incase someone wants to log in to your account. Without the set password, he or she cannot log in to your telegram account. Isn't this nice, read through to activate it. 

"Settings" >> "Privacy and Security".
under the Security option click "Two step authentication" then follow the required, input your email to confirm your password via "Spam Folder". 

5. Setup Your Account self-destructs : 

This is verys essential. You must set uo your Telegram Self-destructs option. This is a feature that delete your whatsapp account if telegram notice you didn't log in you telegram account after you've have set the main self-destructs option. The default option is one month. That's in one month if you don't log in, your account will deleted with immediate effect. 

To set this up "Settings" >> "Privacy and Security", under the Account Self-destructs, click "if you away for" choose 1year. There is no way yo won't log in telegram in one year. Amd if everything turns round and yoi didn't log in, just get ready to sign up in a nonymity again. 

All these are the things you should get done immediately you just launched your Telegram Messenger for security purposes and saving data purposes. 

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