December 06, 2016

8 Unessential Things You Must Remove From Your Blogger Blog Template

Blogger is a top and most used blogging platform developed by Google which has now recorded up to millions of webmasters using it. After creating a blohg with blogger, this post is related to one of them. There are some things (widgets) you need to remove from your blogger blog which most blogger don't know. Therefore I've compiled a list of 8 different elements that are easily removable and won't be missed!. The 7 things to remove from your blogger template are :

1. Remove the navbar

One unessential thing or widget to remove from your blogger blog template is the Navbar. I'm not too keen on the blogger navbar. It doesn't really serve a useful purpose these days and it can clash with the look of your blog. To remove it:

Go to your dashboard and select the “Layout” tab. In the top right of the layout you will see your “Navbar” with an option to “edit.” Click “edit” and a window will pop up with the option to alter the colour scheme or turn off the Navbar altogether.

2. Remove clutter from your footer

Blogger adds a whole load of info to your footer, such as author and time posted, that you likely don't want displayed. To clean up the footer all you have to do is:

Go to your dashboard and select the “Layout” tab. There you will see your “Blog Post” gadget. Click “edit” on the gadget and a window will pop up. Under “Page Post Options” you have the ability to un-check (and remove) any elements.

3. Remove Attribution "Powered by blogger" 

It is very difficult for all existing bloggers to disaplay powered by blogger widget in thier blogger blog and this is because, they find the widget as a space waste widget. But for new bloggers, powered by blogger is already a post in their blog. Therefore to remove it, Horlar has a great tutorial here.

4. Remove or beautify the "showing posts with label..." Message

The status message that pops up at the top of your page when you search through labels 'ent all that pretty. You can either remove it completely or you can pretty it up quite nicely if you
desire. Xomisse has a great tutorial here on how to do either option.

5. Remove the borders around your images
This is completely a personal preference thing, but the look most
people seem to be going for these days is sleek and clean. Removing the borders from you images will help add to that look. To do so add this code to your Add CSS box:

.post-body img, .post-body .tr-caption-container, .Profile img, .Image
.BlogList .item-thumbnail img {
padding: 0 !important;
border: none !important;
background: none !important;
-moz-box-shadow: 0px 0px 0px transparent !important;
-webkit-box-shadow: 0px 0px 0px transparent !important;
box-shadow: 0px 0px 0px transparent !important;

6. Remove the dotted lines at the bottom of the page and between the pager

Blogger templates come with a dotted line above their "powered by blogger" attribution and even more dotted line in between the pager (Newer Posts, Home, Older Posts). If you want to remove these lines, simply add this to your Add CSS box:
.footer-outer {
border: none;
.blog-pager {
background: none;

7. Remove the "Subscribe to Post Atom" message at the bottom of the page

This is a fairly insignificant detail, but if you're picky and anal like me it might bug you to see this guy hanging around all the time. To remove it search your HTML code and delete the line below:

<b:include data='feedLinks' name='feedLinksBody'/>

8. Remove the comments from your About and Contact pages

This area isn't necessarily an ideal space for comments. It's probably a good idea to keep it as straightforward and organized as possible for anyone who needs to find your contact info or
wants to read your bio. To disable comments.

Head to the dashboard, go to "Pages" and click "edit" on the page in question. Once your in that page look to your right sidebar, click "Options" and under "Reader Comments" select "don't allow, hide existing."

That's all guys. Drop your comments below about or you can add the onces you gat if you are a blogger.


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  2. Olamide you are right especially the Navbar tha gives unnecessary spaces.


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