December 30, 2016

Airtel 0.00K Free Browsing Works & Never Disconnect Using Tweakware v2.0 by IrWin

Recently we introduced an airtel 0.00K unlimited free browsing. Since then i my self have never tried it on my own personal phone. Trying it today using Psiphon, it disconnects and later worked well. But the most surprising thing is working on a Tweakware+ Psiphon app. This vpn is called Tweakware but has already been embedded with psiphon features. Lo and Behold, i tried airtel free browsing via this Tweakware, and it worked without disconnecting at all even all others are disconnecting anyhow, this is exempted. Airtel Free Browsing is also working on pc

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To browse unlimitedly with your airtel sim via tweakware, Download Tweakware Here and follow below settings.

Set your APN as default or click here to know all network Apn Settings. Launch any of above vpn, then apply below settings;

  • Tick Remove Port
  • Proxy Type: No proxy or Reverse Proxy
  • Proxy Server:
  • Real Proxy Type: Default
  • Real Proxy Server: Leave Empty
  • Real Proxy Port: 80 

Tap on Save. It will take you to a dashboard exactly like Tweakware. Click Settings at the top of the page then tap More Options with this below configuration set up. 

  • Host address :
  • Port : 8080 

Now go back to home and tap on Connect. In few seconds it will connect, then start browsing for free. 


  1. please add me to your WhatsApp group 08069543469

  2. I just notice it connects but does not browse or download

    1. Yes use Google Chrome Browser. Me also u noticed it wasn't working with operamini(slow). Use google chrome and you will see it is better than real subscription

  3. Airtel 0.0k unlimited Free browsing is not blocked

  4. Airtel ng fbt, vibe changer fast speed/dwnld goto:


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