December 03, 2016

Cheapest N500 Data Subscription On MTN Airtel Etisalat and Glo

Nowadays, data is life. Without data you can't surf the internet and data nowadays aren't affordable again because they are quite cost. ItIt no more news that Glo offers the cheapest data plan, follow by airtel, then MTN and lastly, Etisalat. But here in this article, i will be discussing how you can subscribe the cheapest data plan of N500 on all network (mtn, glo, airtel & etisalat). We thank God that the hike of data has been cancelled therefore some of us can afford at least cheap data. Checkout the cheapest N500 Data subscription on mtn airtel etisalat and glo.

Cheapest N500 Data Subscription On MTN Airtel Etisalat and Glo 

1. MTN N500 FOR 1GB : 

MTN offers "cheap" subscription of N500 which gives 1024MB for two weeks. To subscribe to MTN 1024MB for N500, first of all migrate your MTN to Pulse using ussd code *406# then select 1. Afterbm migrating to MTN pulse, dial *406*2# to subscribe to MTN 1GB for N500. Like i said it valid for 2weeks. To check your data, dial *131*4#. 


Etisalat is offer the most expensive data plan which subscibers can't endure with and most endure because tgeir service is good. 1GB data bundle for N500? This is the cheapest data plan from Etisalat and it is valid for 30days. To subscribe to etisalat 1GB for N500, dial *229*2*2#.

3. AIRTEL N500 FOR 1.5GB : 

Airtel also offer a cheap data subscription of N500 for 1.5GB. This offer wasn't available but it was unveiled last month. To subscribe to airtel N500 for 1.5GB, click HERE to read more of it.

4. GLO N500 FOR 1.6GB 

Glo offers the "cheapest" data plan. Their cheapest data plan is the N500 for 1.6GB. Did i say 1.6GB? yes 1.6GB for N500 which is different from what etisalat and then others offer. Glo N500 for 1.6GB is valid for one week. To subscribe, dial *777#, then reply with 1, 1 again, and 1 for the last time then you see your N500 for 1.6GB subscription.

NOTE : You can use all these data subscriptions on all devices. You can tether it with your pc or the tyer phones and you can also use your modem to browse it via PC. Now these are for those who don't have enough cash to subscribe to a particular data, i know this one is very affordable and cheap. 

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