December 07, 2016

Checkout! - Four Great Features Instagram Added To It App

It no more news that Instgram is an online video sharing and mobile photo-sharing  media platform that enables users to share their photos and videos publicly or privately on the App. instagram today has hit a lot of users and downloads. As instagram app keeps updating, new feature(s) are being added to it. The news is that Instagram has embedded four killing feature to it app. The features are :

1. Turn Off Commenting option : 

You can now turn off comments on your instagram posts (video & audio). Isn't this cool? Therefore, you can exhibit this by tapping on Advanced settings before you post and check Turn Off Commenting option . As shown in snapshot below :

2. Like Comments Using Heart Icon :

Liking comments on any post in instagram using the heart icon is another feature of instagram but coming soon. This will enable users to be able to like comments by hitting on the familiar heart icon next to it and the comment will be liked immediately.

3. Remove Followers without them knowing : 

With this feature, instagram users using private accounts will be able to remove followers without blocking them and without the removed follower knowing or been notified. Therefore, to do practice this, just tap on the menu bar next to your follower (you want to remove) then and remove he/she sucessfully.

4. Help Organisation : 

Instagram also has added a successfully anonymous way to report people who you think might be considering injuring themselves. Once this is done, the friend in question will be connected with organizations (of instagram) that will fix the issue to satisfaction.

Instagram says :
This feature has teams working across the world 24hours daily in order to review these reports.

Don't be suprised that all these features are for instagram. This is great, to enjoy this, just updated your instagram app. Follow me on instagram @Horlartechgist

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