December 02, 2016

Checkout! - Instant Games Are Now Built Into Facebook Messenger

Messenger is an app by facebook to support facebook. Messenger app enable chat with facebook friends. There are two ways to chat on facebook. It either you use facebook messenger or facebook lite. Both are good but facebook like doesn't have a good feature, design and graphics like facebook messenger. Facebook has been updating features since the latest version was launched. Just last month, facebook messenger embedded a great feature in it app by enabling it to Send And Receive Money Via PayPal, also Data saver feature was embedded.

Facebook Messenger just keeps on adding features. The latest one is called Instant Games, and it's been announced today. As it indicates, you can now play some games "instantly" against your friends. For now, there are only 17 titles (games) available, (as seennin snapshot below) in 30 hidden countries. These feature works on only Android 5.0 or later and iOS 8 or later.

All facebook is expecting is the soon availability of more games to be game developers.

How  To Play Games On Messenger 

  • Update your Facebook Messenger to the latest one  
  • Then just go into a chat in your Messenger App and tap on the new game controller icon below where you type your message. 
  • Then select your favourite game and start playing. After you finish you finish a round in the game, your score will display to the people in the chat(which you might get challenged them)

Conclusion according to facebook news

Social, fun and competitive, games on Messenger featurescore-based leaderboards, in-context chat, and group thread conversations to challenge, celebrate and congratulate.
The 1 billion people who use Messenger every month connect, banter and share in so many ways. They do this by sending Stickers when words aren’t enough, tapping on Instant Video to share smiles with Mom after an awesome day, or making a quick voice call to let friends know they’re running late. Now they can connect and compete over their favorite games. We think this is just the beginning for games on Messenger — look for new titles to be added, and for new ways to play. Game on!

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