December 11, 2016

Clear All Junk Files On Your Android Phone Using Es File Explorer - to increase memory space

Are you an android users suffering from insufficient storage? due to some irrelevant files which are in your phone. Yes once you get an android phone, and start installing games and app, just know that your android memory space will start reducing. It will be reducing due to some irrelevant files which we ragard as junk files.

Nevermind anymore, i have come to rescue your android phone from insufficient storage. I will also use that medium to introduce a popular android app called Es File Explorer. This app will help you clear all junk files on your android phone. I also enjoy writing how to clear junk files on android using ccleaner.

Es File Explorer won't only clear junk files, it will also delete all bad app data that are useless to your android phone. There download es file explorer here. Es file has many features which i will explain in some other article.
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How To Clear Junk Files On Your Android Phone using es file explorer? 

Launch the "es file explorer", click the three vertical lines at the top left of the es file explorer. Then click the "Tool" section, at the drop down option, click "Cleaner"

After clicking the "cleaner" option, another page will open and immediately, the cleaner page will automatically detect all junk files and it data size e.g (1GB).

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Now click "Clean Now", all the junk files will be deleted with immediate effect. Congrats.

You will get a message saying "Done cleaning".

That all just dash to your Sd card and see the memory space get increased.

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