December 08, 2016

Download Aptoide Apps Store For Your Android Phone - PlayStore Alternative

Aptoide is a an android app where all android apps are being stored just like playstore described as Aptoide Apps Store. Aptoide app is an alternative app to playstore which you can download all android apps. All apps available in google playstore is also available in Aptoide. I been using Aptoide for 6months now. I make use of this app if my playstore is telling me "Insufficient storage", Aptoide will help me download without stress. Aptoide also can help you update your app. You can update your whatsapp with it, your other app that can't be updated downloaded in playstore.

Key Features Of Aptoide 

  • Updates any or all your android apps without insufficient storage issues
  • You can get all lastest Apps from Aptoide also 
  • You can log in to Aptoide with your google account (gmail) - (just like playstore)
  • You can choose Aptoide to complete your android update 

How To Download Apps From Aptoide 

To download apps from Aptoide, download and launch the app. Then refresh the home page of the app and download your choice. You can also search for apps by making use of the search box by clicking the search icon at first.

After seeing the app, click the app and now click install to download the app. Like i said earlier, it has no restrictions.

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How To Update Your App From Aptoide 

When apps are outdated, you will need to update them before they start disturbing you with lifeless message. With Aptoide, you can update any app. You can update apps downloaded from Aptoide or another app store platform. Aptoide is very fast in downloading, and doesn't restrict you from updating apps if you have low storage unlike PlayStore.

Other Features 

Home :

Aptoide home is a section in Aptoide app where all android apps are stored. In the Aptoide home, you will see all available apps you can download from Aptoide. 

Community : 

Aptoide community is a section embedded in Aptoide where you can check "latest apps", "reviews" and "comments".

Social Timeline : 

Aptoide social timeline is a section embedded in Aptoide that helps you share the app you download from Aptoide with facebook friends in timeline inside Aptoide.

Download Link 

Now that you have known how Aptoide works & it features, download Aptoide app from below links.

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