December 10, 2016

Easiest Way To Download YouTube Videos - Use Vidmate

YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquarteredin San Bruno, California, United States. But YouTube was later bought by Google In November 2006, it was bought by Google for US$1.65 billion. YouTube now operates as one of Google's subsidiaries that why we can monetize our YouTube video easily using AdSense.  YouTube videos are very complex to download both online or with their app. You can only watch videos on YouTube online and with their app but can't download which is very bad. 

There are tricks which you can use to download YouTube videos out there but only few know because other who don't know don't ask. But i will say tge best way to download YouTube videos is making use of vidmate app. Vidmate app is a very powerful app. Vidmate app has a browser in it also which can enable you input url of video that you cannot download easily. 

How To Download YouTube Videos ( 2 Trick) 

Trick 1

First trick to download YouTube videos is by getting the url of the video and adding magic to the url. For instance, you want to download this movie To download , You just have to apply "magic" in-between the YouTube url. That's like this Immediately you do this, your download will automatically start. You can also can change the video qualities you want to download with this trick from the listed options. 

Trick 2 

Another trick for you to download YouTube videos is by adding ss in front of the YouTube video. e.g will be

Now it will redirect you to the downloading page which is Now you can now download the video. Chose the file type you want (MP4) then click download. 

How To Download YouTube Videos ( Vidmate ) 

To download YouTube videos using vidmate app is the very easiest way. Firstly download vidmate app here

Launch the vidmate app, at the topof the app there is a search box there. Just input the video you want to download in the search box. You can also put the url or a video also.

Now the vidmate will search the video related to your keyword. Then go to the YouTube Tab Section and click "Download" infront of the vide you want to download 

Choose the file format be it HD, MP4, 3GP and others.

Now you can now start downloading the video.

After downloading, you can locate the YouTube video at Sd card >> Vidmate >> Downloads. 

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