December 10, 2016

Google AdSense Rejected Me! What do i do ?

Google AdSense is a Top Advertising network that enables it publisher earn money by placing ads on their website or their video (site especially). Google AdSense now is very easy to get approved because recently a friend of mine got his AdSense while we also got ours. Thinking AdSense is doing their "Black Friday" or "Chrismas Promo"

I so much know that when any blogger or webmaster AdSense application is been rejected or disapproved, it’s a disappointing and frustrated time for him which might lead he or she thinking of quitting blogging. I will tell you today that AdSense is not the end of blogging. You can still make money with your blog even if you don't have an active approved AdSense account. You can also make use of some other top Adnetworks which are alternative to Google AdSense.

So What do i do When Google AdSense Rejects me? 

1. Calm Down : Immediately you get a disapproval message from AdSense, don't be aggressive, stay calm like just wanted to sign up. Calmness is very important in all aspect of life. Therefore, stay calm immediately you see AdSense disapproval message.

This is one of the tangible reasons why Google AdSense have 6 month old blog policy for getting an approved AdSense. For example in indian, your blog must be 6month before signing up for Adsense. Also i will say calm down ao that AdSense rejection message won't
weigh you down or kill your blogging motivation.

2. Don't ReSubmit Immediately : After staying calm, please i will advise you not to resubmit your application immediately because if you submit immediately without fixing the reasons you are disapproved, you will get disapproved again and if care isn't taken, your url might be banned from getting AdSense. So i dont have much to say here. You can checkout and fix your AdSense disapproval messages here. In the article i listed all Google AdSense disapproval message and how to fix them. If your disapproval message is
Ownership issues , you can fix that by verifying your site ownership with google using Google Webmaster Tool.

3. Your Blog Design : This is very essential in the life of a blog and it is also another reason why Google AdSense rejects publishers to be. Here, you will now be getting “difficult site navigation”  as your disapproval message. To fix this, click here. Also reduce the use of html in your site so that user can experience a quick site loading so that your bounce rate can also reduce.

4. Drive Traffic To Your Site : Traffic is very important in the life of a blog. But without traffic you can still get your AdSense approved. I have some traffic tips here. You can read top 4 traffic source. Also you can join some traffic driving website like Growtraffic (See proof).

Some other way of getting traffic is 
1. Advertising website on facebook for $1
2. Join relevant forum e.g nairaland, xda-developer and many more.
3. Sharing your blog post automatically to all your social media profiles of pages.

5. Know Adsense rules : This also fix Google AdSense disapproval issues. You must be familiar with AdSense terms and conditions and also stay updated to their program policy. Also you must get to know about the webmaster Quality guidelines. You can also check AdSense official website for more AdSense updates.

My conclusion is not lengthy. After you have put all tgese into consideration, now you can apply for AdSense and get your straight approval without been rejected.

Done all but still been rejected? 

If you are still getting rejected after all these above tips, i will advise you to opt in for USA or UK Adsense. You can also try Germany or China.

Hope this info helps, drop your comments below.

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