December 02, 2016

Google Play Store Released “Best Of 2016” (Apps & Games) - Checkout lists

PlayStore as product by Google where android app are being stored for downloading has released the "best of 2016" revealing the most trending apps, games, movies, books, and songs on the Android play store. Read on for more details. Google has officiated the “Best 0f 2016” list revealing the top trending content on the Play store. The list also outlines the most streamed movies, songs, and even, books.

This lists shows that Android users are not downloading and installing tge best of apps on PlayStore. As expected, “Pokemon Go” is the most trending game on PlayStore which has the highest download and plays followed by the multiplayer behemoth, “Clash Royale” that is actually the best game of the year according to Google. Prisma (A photo creator & editor or designing app) also has been chosen by Google as the best app of 2016.

Top trending apps of 2016

Top trending games of 2016

Moreover, Google (PlayStore) has already grouped  apps based on various properties, features and download especially, even most used. Below are the list



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