December 18, 2016

How To Add Running Truck Social Media Platform Widget to your Blogger Blog - (Facebook, Twitter & RSS)

Truck Social Media Platform Widget is a blogger widget that displays your social media platform ids using a running truck which is clickable and will make your blog visitors to view your social media details. These widget consists of Facebook, Twitter and RRS Feed. These widget is a running widget that runs to the left side and come out from the right side again.

1. Login to your blogger dashboard
2. Go to "Layout"
3. Add a widget (i recommend footer)
4. Choose "HTML/Java Script"
5. Paste the code below in the widget

<div style="position: fixed; z-index: 65535; left:
0px; bottom: -3px; width:100%;"> <marquee>
<a href="" target="blank"> <abbr title="Like
us at Facebook"><img src=" http://
ce65_o.png " width="120px" height="100px"/> </
abbr> </a>
<a href="" target="blank"> <abbr
title="Subscribe to Our Feeds"><img src=" http://
967426408a_o.png " width="120px"
height="100px"/> </abbr> </a>
<a href=""
target="blank"> <abbr title="Follow Us on
Twitter"><img src=" http://
319_o.png " width="120px" height="100px"/> </
abbr> </a> </marquee></div>

If you understand HTML texts, you will know that The Marquee tags is one that will make the widget scroll (move).

Things to change? 

  1. Change to your facebook page or profile url 
  2. Change to yout feed url 
  3. Change to your twitter id url. 

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