December 04, 2016

How To Backup Android Sms, Contact, Call logs, Browser bookmarks and Apps Using Backup Suite

Are you an android user looking for a way to backup android sms, contact, call logs, browser, bookmarks and apps especially ?, You are in the right path, Backup Suite will fix all for you. Backup suite is an android app that does all above features without stress or data. Backup suite can also help you get raw apk file of an app you download from Google playstore because we all know playstore dosen't give raw apk file of apps after downloading. Cutting the long story short, i will teach you how you can backup sms, contact, call logs, browser bookmarks and apps. To get started, download backup suite here.

Why Should i do backup? 

  • To restore again if deleted files 
  • To restore again if damaged 
  • and many more.... 

How To Backup Android Sms, Contact, Call logs, Browser bookmarks and Apps Using Backup Suite

Install and launch backup suite after downloading. See how to use backup suite.

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To backup your android app using backup suite, launch the app. Swipe the app to the right.

Click Apps

Next app page opens, here you will see list of all your installed app. Then select one or more apps you want to backup and click Backup (1) at the top left page of the app.

Start backup of (1) apps?, click Yes

In few seconds, your app(s) will be backed up and you will be redirected to the place where your backedup apps are.

You can also view your app in file manager by going to Sd Card >> Backupsuite >> Apps. 

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To backup your android sms, contact, call logs, and browser bookmarks using backup suite, re-launch the app. Swipe the app to the right and click any of the option apart app which are sms, contact, call logs, browser bookmarks. Just choose one. 

The page will redirect you back. Here click Backup and your sms will start backing up. This also applies to contact, call logs, browser bookmarks. 

To restore them, click, the any of the option (sms, contact, call logs, browser bookmarks) again then click restore explorer to recover the files again. 


In the app backup aspect, you can use these method get raw apk file from apps downloaded from playstore like i said earlier. Share this with friends if it helpful. 

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