December 07, 2016

How To Clear Browsing Data On Google Chrome Browser (Android & Pc)

Chrome is one of the top fastest browser made by Google. Google chrome browser is also a browser that drain too much internet data. Chrome also is the mostly used browser worldwide. Due to the high usage of chrome and the high data drainage, chrome is said to record too much data. When too much data is already on your chrome browser, it will start misbehaving at a point in time.

That is, your chrome browser will be loading Pages slowly, killing pages, smd other things that won't make you enjoy your browser. The only solution to this is to clear your chrome browsing data. When you clear your chrome browser data, it will look like a new one and you will start enjoying it again. Here i will teach you how to clear data on your chrome browser for both Android and Pc device.

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How To Clear Browsing Data On Google Chrome Browser For Pc 

To clear your browsing data om chrome for pc, launch your pc, then open chrome browser.

Tap the the vertical dots, tap "More tools" >> click "Clear browsing data".

Then a pop up page will open. Leave the ticked option or if you want to clear password tick "password". At the "obliterate the following item" from section, choose whatsoever you like. I recommend you to choose "From the beginning of time".

That's all for clearing browsing data on chrome for Pc.

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How To Clear Browsing Data On Google Chrome Browser For Android  

To clear browsing data on chrome for pc, launch your chrome, click the three vertical dots, then click "Settings".

Scroll down to click "Privacy", scroll down and click "Clear browsing data".

Now you can now enjoy your browser like you just launched it - all by clearing data. Clearing data also helps you reduce space on both devices. Read also >>

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