December 16, 2016

How to Convert Voice to Text Online using Voice To Text Online

I was just surfing the internet for tools to add to my blog page(s) just like the Ad Praser Tool and Currency convert. Then i stumbled upon a very great web tool that can help you convert your voice to written text, suprised? I was also. These tool is called Voice To Text Online which will help you convert your recorded voice to text online. I love this tool because if you don't want to write, you can record your voice on the website and immediately after you stop the recording, ut brings out your result in text packaged in a large rectangular box with green border and yellow background while your text output comes in black colour.

These tools is very easy to work on. All you need to do is just start recording, speak into the record, after speaking, stop recording and your results comes in text immediately after stopping record. Read through...

How It Goes 

==> Go to

==> Click the "Start Recording"

==> In a few seconds you will be asked of permission to use your microphone, tap "Allow".

==> Now start taking into the record. After you are through with the recording tap "Stop Recording"

==> Immediately after you stop recording, in a few seconds your voice will convert to text. Scroll down a little to view your text under the large rectangular box with green border and yellow background.

Now you can now copy the text and make use of it. Isn't this tool great, why so

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