December 14, 2016

How To Fix Blogger Blog Post with incorrect date and time after been published

Blogger is a blogging platform made Google to help turn human to blogger by publishing their passion their own way. After creating a blog using blogger blogging platform, there are some things to do before fully launching the blog to everyone's notice. Therefore my question is that have you been facing aomw difficulties of your bloggers blog post been incorrect, that you just woke up a morning and decided to blog by writing an article, and after publishing artilcle you find out that the blog posts carries a day before's date. This is how incorrect data on blog post works which might make your visitors bounce back if they notice the gat no updates the.

So how do we fix this issue? To fix it is very easy but we don't consider this after creating a blog. To fix incorrect date in blog posts;

==> Quit the browser you use for blogging and launch it back

==> Go to your Blogger Dashboard >> Settings >> language and formatting. 

==> When the page loads, in the Time Zone Option, choose your Current Time. That's the time you use where you stay. e.g If you are staying  Nigeria, your time zone will be (GMT+01:00) Lagos. 

==> Immediately your date has been set, you can now click that post with wrong date then schedule the time to the time you published the article.

After all this, you will never encounter an issue with post with incorrect dates again. Even in the situation where you blogged throughout the night, the next published post won't be faulty with date.

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