December 11, 2016

How To Get Free USA, UK and China Address + Zip/Postal Code From ShopToMyDoor

Do you want a free foreign address e.g Usa for yourself but you don't know how to get one, today i will teach you how to get a free active Usa, UK and china address with just a few clicks without any stress. There are many importance of having having these address. You can make use of these address to :
  • Create AdSense Account 
  • Verify AdSense Account 
  • Use of it for other purposes and many more. 
These foreign address won't be generated from any ther place but from Shoptomydoor. Shoptomydoor is a site where you can get 
  • Free Usa, Uk and China address and zip/postal code for yourself, signing up for Adsense, verifying AdSense and for other purposes. 
  • Ship your USA or UK Post office message to your current country (Paid)
  • Exchange currency Online
  • And lots more... 

Usefulness Of Postal Code? 

I mentioned postal code because this code is very important. This code is very important because it is used to transfer message from one post office to another. Especially when signing up for Usa or Uk AdSense, you need a Usa Or Uk postal code because this is where your verification PIN will be shipped to. "But if you are not in Usa nor Uk, you can still get the PIN Using Shoptomydoor for 10$. I will write an article on that later". 

How To Get Free USA, UK and China Address? - All in one 

==> Go to Create an account with them. Click "Join now" 

==> When the page open, input all required details - Names, Email, Password, number and Text in character given. 

==> Confirm your mail and log in to your Shoptomydoor account. 

==> Now you will be given free Usa, Uk and china address. These are the only available address because these are the country Shoptomydoor work with. Checkout my own Usa Address below. 

That not all, if you purposely need this address for an important thing like your AdSense Pin, you need to verify your real country address e.g Nigeria plus the zipcode of the city you stay in Nigeria e.g Lagos is a city and zip or postal code is 100001. You need this so that once your AdSense Pin is already sent to your Usa Post Office, Shoptomydoor will help you ship it to your real country zip code for just 10$. Prize might increase later but for now it 10$. That's all you can drop your questions and will be answered As soon as we see it. 

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  1. does this still works
    like how much will I pay dem before they send me the pin


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