December 09, 2016

How To Get the ID of Any Blogger Blog Gadget

As a blogger, after creating a blog, you need to add some things beautify your blog. And this can be done in your Layout Section in blogger blogging platform. The ID of a widget in your blogger blog is very important for a blogger to know it. The ID of a widget enables you to customize the widget easily especially when you want to make use of CSS.

Importance of Css 

  • Css is a Link List gadget
  • You can use css to add scrolling effect to your blog 
  • Change the font text, 
  • Add dotted border etc provided you know the id of the gadget.

Importance of blog widget id 

  • Helps you identify the widget while editing your template 
  • Also, you need this id if you want a widget to show on your Blogger mobile template. 

In a situation where by you make use of "Add a Gadget" link in Blogger Layout page to add anwidget to your blog, Blogger will automatically generate an
id for the widget. This id won't be given to you by any means, you will have to get it your self. 

Though, you can get the id by editing your template but there is an easiest way to get the id of a gadget in your blogger blog. So i have made if easy for you in this article. 

For example if you just created a blog and you just added a gadget to your blog by choose HTML/Javascript ? Your id name will be HTML1. So how to get itbis very very easy. Read below 

==> Log in to your blogger dashboard
==> Navigate to the "Layout" section and locate the widget which you want to get the id( you can choose any widget - just for a start) e.g HTML/Javascript
==> Click the "edit" link of the widget (You want to get the id). Now the widget editing window will pop up like below snapshot -

==> At the top of the pop up window, you will see the url of the window. Now scroll the url to the last till it ends. Here you will get the ID of the gadget. E.g Widgetid=HTML5.

Now you have gotten the id of your blogger widget. Now you make use of this id to practice above importance of the id. 

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