December 26, 2016

How To Get The URL Of Any Image in Blogger Blog Post While Blogging

Blogger is one of the best and most used blogging platforms Powered by Google and which has hit millions of users today to help them publish their own passion in their wish way. Blogger as a blogging platform has help me in some internet tutorials apart from blogging. Blogger blogging platform has many features which has solved some of my web problems. One of them is getting the URL of an image. As a blogger, you need to know how to get the URL of any image(s) you have used in or while blogging. URL of an image helps you in many ways. You can make use of the URL of any image in your blogger profile, your blogger header homepage image, inputting while the writing a guest post and lots of them. Follow below steps to get this article done.
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==> Go to your blogger dashboard, create a new post. Then upload an image by clicking the image icon in your blogger post editor. 

==> Now, you can upload an image from there. 

==> After the image uploading loads finish, select the image and add it to the blog post

==> To get the url of the image you have uploaded, switch to the HTML Section in your blog post, then locate the area where you put the image. 
Note : You might have written some content before uploading the image. All you need to do is just locate the image, be it at the top, buttom or middle. 

==> After locating the HTML code of the image, copy the url seen in the html code. The url that begins with

Just copy the image url and you can now make use of it.
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