December 28, 2016

How To Hide Blog Archive Widget From Showing On Blogger Website

The Blogger "Blog Archive" widget makes such effortless because of visitors to navigate Blogspot blogs along links according to older posts. It organizes your previously posted posts by means of month sennight and day, as perform be handy because readers whosoever need after browse your older content.

When thou creates a new blog using a Blogspot platform, the blog archive destruction displays about every pages about the desktop or mobile views over the blog with the aid of default. If thou don't need that after display, you can without problems eliminate it.


==> Sign in to your Blogger dashboard at

==> Click on "Layout"
==> Scroll down to the section where you have the "Blog Archive" widget

==> Click on "Edit"
==> Click "Remove"

==> Click on "Save Arrangement"

That's all.

If you prefer hiding without deleting it, you can use css to get that done. All you need is the widget ID of the blog archive widget.
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For example, if the id of my blog archive widget is BlogArchive1, I will add the css code below to my blog's html if I want to hide the widget from displaying on my blog without deleting it :
#BlogArchive1 {
display : none;

Add the code above the HTML Code
]]></b:skin> in your blogger template.
In your blogger dashboard, go toto Template >> EDIT HTML. Use CTRL+F button to create a search box then input ]]></b:skin> in the box and tab "Enter".



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