December 08, 2016

How To Hide Your Whatsapp Received Media From Your Gallery (Android Only)

It no more news that Whatsapp is the most used messenger app today and has hits 1 billion downloads. Whatsapp also records up to billions of messages sent by users daily. just a day, all whatsapp get up to billions of chats from users from all countries. Group chat are even the onces that boosts whatsapp message daily.

Now that whatsapp is the most used messenger app, photos, videos there media are also sent via whatsapp. Since whatsapp is already enabled to send audios, videos and images, it is now misused in the sense that in a group you will be receiving unwanted  & unbearable videos, images, and audio especially when you put your whatsapp in automatic downloads. Though audios are already enabled to download automatically. At same time, this is very bad, that when you set your whatsapp to automatic downloads, your whatsapp will start receivireceiving & downloading  all sorts of media message automatically which are wrong.

This normally occurs in groups. Sending unacceptable things in a whatsapp group is now rare among we Whatsapp users. And if you are the type that don't want to receive these unwanted media message and you will want to stay in the group, you will need this article. This is because, it very impossible to leave a group and still be receiving messages from that same group.

My question is, did you enable automatic downloads in your whatsapp but you don't want to receive unwanted media that download automatically? Today i will solve it for you. Though, you will be receiving unwanted media message but won't be visible in your gallery. Isn't that cool let go on. All you need to do to avoid this is just hide your whatsapp media folder from displaying in gallery. Read below to do this!

How To Hide Your Whatsapp Recieved Media From Your Gallery 

To hide your received and automatically downloaded unwanted whatsapp media, follow below steps :

Step 1 ==> Go to your Sd Card >> Whatsapp folder. 

Step 2 ==> 
Here, you will see 3 or more folders when you open the whatsapp folder. Now the folder that has the title "Media" rename it by putting a dot in front of it to make it an hidden folder just like it his done in this article.

Now to view any of your media, once you notice someone has sent you am important media and you can't reach it again, just go to your Sd Card >> Whatsapp folder >> Media. Now check the folders inside the media folder. If the media you want to check is an image, click "whatsapp image" folder to view it, and if it a video, click the "whatsapp video" folder to see it.

Practicing this article will really help you in hiding those rubbish media ypu are receiving from a whatsapp group chats.

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