December 17, 2016

How To Make Google Index Your New Blog post within Minute

Do you know that you can make Google index your blog or aite post within one minute after been published? Yes Google can. The Google webmaster tool helps you in submitting post and also
submit our blog link for safety. One of the things you must avoid is copyright content, meaning the url link(s) you are going to submit must not consist of copyright contents.

Note :Before you start this process you need to have already submit your blog or website already to google search console and also to some list of directors which you can read froma reliable source.

Step 1 : First you need to visit google webmaster tools

Step 2 : Then verify your blog in google webmaster tools

Step 3 : Then add your website or blog if you have not done that yet.

Step 4 : After log in to google webmaster tools add your website click on "Add Site"

How To Get Google To Index Your blog/site Within 1 minute 

Step 1 : Submit your post url in google by clicking here

Step 2 : Now you need to fill captcha or check box saying am not a robot and submit

Step 3 : Then visit your webmaster tool dashboard

Step 4 : Then click on crawl and click on fetch as google

Step 5 : Then insert your post url and then fetch and submit to index.

Ping Your Post To Search Engines  

Step 1 : Now you need to ping your post in search engine

Step 2 : Just go to

Step 3 : Then insert your post link to submit fast in google and other search engine.

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