December 11, 2016

How To Monetize Your Blog With Top Nigeria Advertising Network Adquet

Are you a blogger or a website owner who wants a best ad network for your monetizing a blog or site apart from Google AdSense, i will say Adquet is the best chosen one. Adquet is a top Nigeria Advertising Network Site that pays bloggers or website owners. Making money from Adquet with your blog/site is very easy all you just need to do are :

  • Join Adquet 
  • Submit your url for approval
  • Place Ads 
  • Start earning by Ad clicks and 
  • Get Payouts 

Above are all you need to do to start earning with adquet. When you put above into consideration, just watch your money grow as your traffic grow. You can also place your own advert on adquet, but here you have to sign up ads advertiser and follow tge required steps. Therefore read through to earn money with your blog from Adquet. 

How To start monetization ?

==> To begin, go to  Sign up as publisher by clicking the top menu tab by the left. Then select "Publisher" or click here direct. Now sign up as a publisher. Fill the required boxes and confirm your mail to get a password. 

==> Few steps to start earning, Log in to your account, click the menu tab, click site and in the drop down option click Add Site. input your website or blog url and do other requirements. Adding a logo isn't compulsory. 

==> Now you have to wait till your website gets approved for at least 24hours only if your blog or website has traffic. If no traffic, wait for 3days and you get approval. You can use any domain to add a site. You can also use free domains like (.tk, .ml, .ga  & .cf) as long as it has enough traffic then you get approved. See proof below : 

==> Keep checking your Adquet account to know if approved because they won't message you. After been approved, you are just one step to start earning. Now click the menu tab, click Ad Code and in the drop down option click create ad code.  

==> When the page opens, fill the given form in the creating ad code page. Choose your approved website as the targeting site . Thereafter, click Create Ad Code. 

 A page will open now here copy the ad code given and go and paste it in your website. 

==> That's all, once the best ads is been clicked, you earn your money. Adquet at least pays 50# per click. 

Note : If you click your ads, you account get disabled for life. Therefore, don't click your ads because they use ip to track clicks and once noticed, they will make your adquet account inactive.

How To Receive Payment? 

To receive payment from Adquet, you must have reach the threshold of N2500
. Then click the menu tab >> Payouts. Firstly configure your payments details by clicking the "Configure" under payouts. After configuration, go back and click the "Request" section to request for your earnings.

ALSO NOTE that other countries can make use of adquet to monetize their blog or website content. All you just need to do is just choose Your location while requesting for payment that all.  

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