December 21, 2016

How To Place or Turn on Ads For YouTube Videos You've Already Uploaded

Before earning cool money online with your YouTube videos, firstly you must have created a YouTube Channel and also enabled monetization on it before you can now star earning.

Even after enabling monetization, you have to sign up for YouTube AdSense to monetize your YouTube videos using Google AdSense ads by placing those ads on your video. Therefore, if you have already created a YouTube channel and have already enabled monetization, and also sign up for AdSense and gotten approval, you are just one step to startstart earning.

One step to start earning which is by placing AdSense ads on your YouTube videos.

How To Place Ads On YouTube Videos 

Step 1 : Go to your Video Manager.
Note : Make sure you have enabled monetization on your YouTube.

Step 2 : Next to the video you want to enable ads for, click Edit or the monetization icon.

Step 3 : Select the Monetization tab.

Step 4 : Select "Monetize my video"

Step 5 : Select what ad formats you want to turn on for the video. Each type of ad format notes what devices it will appear on and includes an illustration of the ad placement.

Step 6 : Click Save changes.

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