December 12, 2016

How to Prevent Mozilla Firefox Browser From Closing After Closing Last Tab (Pc Only)

Mozilla Firefox is one of the top browser for both pc and Android devices. Mozilla Browser is quite alright but the aspect i dislike this browser is where it quits after closing the last tab. But fortunately, i have find the solution to the problem today and that what i am about you share just read through.

My question is, have you ever been in a situation where you want to close a tab on Mozilla browser unknowingly that it is the last tab? If you have, then you must have noticed that the browser
automatically closes immediately you close that last tab. Lol this is frustrating especially when you are surfing an important thing on the net. Therefore, to stop this today read below ;

==> Launch your Mozilla browser, at the address bar, type in about:config and hit enter on the keyboard.

==> On the next page that will opens, click on I accept the risk! Copy the line of text below and paste into the search bar

==> Copy the line of text below and paste into the search bar

==> Once you have located that line of text above, double click on it to change its value from true to false. 

==> Finally restart the browser by closing and re-opening it.

That's all. Once you consider, apply and practice all these, you Mozilla Firefox Browser won't quit it self after closing the last tab.

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