December 29, 2016

How To Recover or Restore Deleted Blogger Blog Post

As a real, talented and experinced blogger who writes nice articles or posts, you really know what itit means when you mistakenly delete your blogger blog post or posts that has the best meaningful contents, it will look as if you were disapproved by Google AdSense lol. If you are a blogger blogger(know what i mean?) in this situation and you really still need your deleted blog post, today am going to give you some handy tips that can help you retrieve your deleted blog post in few clicks. Just read through or follow below steps.

Utilizing the Google cache

A lot of blogger don't is that as you create and publish any article in your blog, Google search engine will create a cache of that article and this contains every details about any particular post or article(s).

Therefore, all you need to get back your deleted blogger post is searching for the particular deleted post url using this
method below.

==> By typing in below in the Google search engine search section on your browser.
==> If you don't know the URL of the blog post, use below.

==> Google search engine will give you all your post has been indexed by the
search engine, then just click on it.

==> Or if you have the title of that post you can still insert this using :
( post title )

==> In the search result you will have to click on cache below that result

=> Then open your deleted post in the cache version.

How to publish it
Publishing your deleted blogger blog post won't bring  your traffic or comment and others you earn after publishing post.

==> On that cache page click on CTRL + U then choose view source.

==> Now you are now in the source page just click on CTRL + FF.

==> Then input a post ID  it should be something like this. postID=3759146264323581935. Copy it down like Snapshot below;

==>  Now go to your blogger dashboard select the blog and click on New post.

==> On your browser replace the deleted post id with that current one and click on enter and then you will see you post in the editor box.

=> Click on "Publish" button and your deleted blogger blog post will come back live.

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