December 31, 2016

How To Root Samsung Galaxy SII all variants with Kingo Android Root in one click

Although released in 2011 , Samsung Galaxy S II is still one of the hottest pieces that got rooted with Kingo Android Root.

Kingo Android Root :

Variants of Samsung Galaxy S II

GT -I 9100 Unlocked International version
GT -I 9100G
GT -I 9100T Australia
GT -I 9100P Europe
SHW-M 250 K/L/ S South Korea
SGH-T989 T -Mobile U. SS
SGH-I 777 AT &T
SGH-I 727 AT &T Skyrocket
SGH-I 927 AT &T Glide
SPH- D710 Sprint U. S .
SCH-R 760 US Cellular
GT -I 9108 China Mobile

The Android version of Samsung Galaxy S II goes from 2. 3 . 3 to 4. 1. 2. They are all well supported by Kingo Android Root. And here comes the guide on how to root it in one -click.


1. Free download Kingo Android Root:
2. Install it on your computer.
3 . Internet connection is required .
4. Device powered ON, 50 % battery level at least .
5 . Use the original USB Cable to ensure stable connection.

Step 1: Double click the desktop icon of Kingo Android Root to run it.

Below is the interface of Kingo , with no device connected.

Step 2: Enable USB Debugging mode on your Galaxy S II.

Go to " Settings", scroll down to the bottom and find "About Phone", scroll down to the bottom again and find "Build number " , tap it for 7 times to become a developer.

Then go back to "Settings" and find "Developer Options ", enter into the menu and enable " USB Debugging".

Step 3: Connect your device to your computer via USB Cable.

After you connect it to your computer, there will be a pop-up window on your device screen that ask you to allow usb debugging from computer. Make sure you tick "always " and click OK. 

Step 3: Read the notifications carefully and proceed by clicking ROOT button.
Before you proceed, it is very important that you have a good idea of Android Rooting , its pros and cons in mind.

Step 4: Wait a few minutes for Kingo to run its course .

Step 5: Root Succeeded.

A bad , unstable connection or an Internet error could lead to a failure.

Step 6: Check root status.
After your device being rebooted , grant the adb shell request on your device.

When Kingo re -connect your device , it will show the root status as Yes. Kingo also has Remove Root function built in itself .

That ' s all for Galaxy S II.

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