December 18, 2016

How To Setup Ad Settings on Google Search Engine

Are you experiencing some boring ads displaying on a blog or you have been in a situation whereby you are not interested in some Google advert
display on your blog or you find the adverts not interesting to your visitors, don't panic there isna way to stop displaying those ads, you can do this by setting up ad setting in google. Read through to do this...

==> Launch your browser and visit

==> Then on the google search engine page, you will have to insert "ads settings" into the search box and then click on search.

==> After clicking on the search button now you will get a result just
exactly the screenshot below. Just click on the result.

==> Now on the ads settings page you will be given some options like
age, gender, range all you need to do is to change the settings your own choice.

==> Then finally if you choose not to continue with the ad settings all you need to do is to click on the "opt out" tab below.

Now you have stopped boring adverts by Google, you can now preview Reasonable adverts.

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